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I am feeling the need to check this and I should really put more time into it, maybe fix my tags so i can get more then 100 views in a course of six months *more then I thought I would get, I seen blogs that seemingly get zero that I stumble upon that have some magnificent information but they have a horrible tagging system and no key words associated with the subject,  so no ones going to find it on Google.



Phil wordpress! A shout out to a long time friend, whose work will not go unnoticed. This is the post Phil posted.

He’s a good person, with good blogs!   Well more then just that!  He’s put together a toolkit to spot those pesky narcissist that seem to be way more then the 2% these days, more like 60% from my experiences in my life so far.  With the rise of sociopaths and psychopaths as the norm, to many degrees we will need to be able to assert our minds and focus toward people who may be out to use us and abuse others, loved ones and random people like elderly and disabled.   The youth of today have been bred and maybe they were born *worse case* as an narcissist.  It’s time for the good hearted people out there to find out technical basis of these goons and thugs, and be able to avoid them and save others from their scams.

His blog covers many of the physical and sociological aspects of a narcissist… Its time to get reading if you have time, its a not to be over looked subject, this might be the best psychology based learning you will get in your life.  If not the only one that is no bullshit serious information.

* Definition of Narcissistic personality disorder

* Fatal and delusional self-absorption

* How they see people as objects

* Self-image

* The Shrine Metaphor

* Narcissism vs Sadism

* Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism

Teenagers and Narcissism, death of the innocent youth, thanks to predictive programming…

It was an emotional day in court for a Kansas City, Missouri man after coming face-to-face with the teen accused of killing his 21-year-old son.

Twenty-one-year-old Gary Lee Waloke was found shot to death, his body dumped in a trash can earlier this spring. His suspected killer, 15-year-old Romello Bolden, appeared in court on Monday a little too chipper for Waloke’s family’s liking.

“He’s in there smiling and laughing, thinking that this is fun and it’s not fun when you take someone else’s life,” said Barr Wayman, victim’s uncle.

To kick this off, this is not a lone Sadistic teen, this is now the norm almost, these kids are becoming violent killers and murderers, in groups and individually, hive mind is taking over.

This is just to name a few more in the group mentality category…. These kids are seriously getting worse and worse…

I will be back with another blog soon, we’ll see how things progress, I have way to much on my hands to really go in depth on this insanity…. for now i just leave you all with a lot of links ot more stories.

A Marine — on leave from Afghanistan — and his wife were attacked outside a Florida theater after the couple asked an unruly group of teenagers to quiet down during a film showing. After the manager kicked the teens out, the couple left frustrated. That’s when the teenagers jumped the man and his wife, even punching the woman in the face and knocking her out Teens ‘sexually abused elderly patients’

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