21st century subconscious death race.

Posted: 07/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Back from another adventure, found some time to type up a another story, this will be a quick one.   It should make sense I am pretty tired right now 🙂 .

I bring you with utterly sad news (that only the vigilante could provide j/k), that society has lately (past couple decades badly, this decade is becoming the nightmare…) been breeding individuals from birth to run life like its a race to the death, get 1st place or die. Of course they wont tell you that, it would be foolish that you are running a race to your death with every pathetic step being toward your own demise with money or without!  You must really be digging your own grave and such other nonsense….

Some people seem to be shocked when they see that others are brought into this world as if life is just a struggle (or crawl) for survival in “other” society’s,  and if you don’t get 1st place or follow the rules of societies new death race, your going to be run off the road, and the rules will sometimes help in that effort to rid those who do not fit the current sociological norm which they seek to enforce in every single persons way of life.   Of course if you go off track you better go your own rout and escape this death race, because there will be people hunting you down for the very fact you deny society and the socialist ideologies it wants you to support in full, sometimes give your life for.

I know exactly what you are thinking, this is really nothing new, it has been happening for years, thousands, maybe a million.  But lets just say it has its up and downs, society and humanity was never always this intent on being so disconnected from their own nature, and nature itself they forgot who they are, of course its really now, who they never were…  The concept of lost potential in all these teens running wild in the current modern day streets in places where they really don’t have any real mentors or idea on how a good society would operate. Kids went from Street Racing, working blue collar jobs *not mcdonalds sorry* and brawling….  to mass looting and sport killings of homeless people, which grow more and more increasingly worse… because they have lost their humanity.   The race isn’t about really progressing technology, relationships, physical wellness, politics, or mental health, its really about catering to a bunch of sociopaths who will do anything to win and not do a whim of labor to get there.  Of course the whole race is just beating down your body, and taring your soul apart, but who cares, there is fake fiat money to be had!   Some groups that are rising from conception of the death race, and were tricked into it, and don’t know of any other way of life I will go over now.

You have a blend of college age spooks everywhere now who think that they can do some sort of good, and who are desperate to belong, to have attention.  That is for the New World Order of the me-me generation, whom only want some sort of good for themselves, and have attention to their non existent work.  Not the other way, they will laugh and have a blast if an individual who made countries like the United States great is getting the pulp beaten out of them by some mob.    This is just the mentality of bandits which usually form just before a society collapses or near collapse if its diverted,  these gangs and mob mentality will only continue to grow and destroy society every day until the day comes when the buildings are burning and highway men are finally back to their post and keeping roads dangerously safe.

You have the post college age nobodies, who really just did what they were told but never really did anything to nuts, some are really hard workers, but this seems to be the pattering out point of the age group, you will see almost no one under the age of 21 who is willing to make an honest living and be open minded in a healthy way.   But these folks will not do much labor work to fill the void of shortage in that market.

There are the demon spawn kids of the future trailing right behind these socialist hippies who are destroying our world right now, and are useful pawns of a greater evil which is and has been attempting to undermine humanity.  These people will kill your grandmother, laugh, than kill your dog to show they anit done having fun yet.  They have jumped generations in degrading culture in almost half a decade, they are winning the downfall race, that’s for sure.   This is our greatest threat, not one that must be defeated but its one that will plague the whole world for decades to come, if not destroy society itself, and divert us back to the natures path of correction, which is usually very unfavorable for us.

I am digressing, “what the hell are we supposed to even do mister vigilante, this all seems like society itself is out to come and kill us…”.   I always answer, you don’t have to let it corrupt your soul, body and mind.  I will cover the old America in the next paragraph its a good metaphor for how you should resonate your own being and soul… No new age  religious stuff here….

Of course American values are completely changed and confusing compared to if you looked back decades past…  It was really about being your own man and woman and making a name for yourself and your family, sure there could of been improvements to even back than, but its all about perspective, its not up to someone or some group to decide on how people need to operate within the confines of the constitution… As long as you allow freedom for others and stand by it, you will be fine.   That’s not always going to help in the end though, it’s up to people to resonate goodness where ever they go and help where they can, accept all challenges from negativity and face it with smartness and agility.  If your not quick enough, the forces of darkness will over whelm you and take your life or your soul…  voluntary,  or forcefully.   Everyone has their own skill set in life, that can be very useful, its not just one thing but its one you can fall into easily with the type of person you are, or energy to transmit to the world around you.  You have your fighters, craftsman, administrative, planners, thinkers, sometimes a combination of many things.   I am not to religious but a good quote is god only helps those whom help themselves, its not to be taken in a selfish way like the current generation of people, who are the most self-centered, selfish pieces of shit on the planet, who don’t even try to be devoid of empathy,  social context, or self awareness, don’t even think about them to try reason.

Of course people will think murder and destruction is only solution, sadly humanity cant do that.  Because you’ll lose your humanity if you do go that route and attempt that, only nature can cure individuals, forcefully, it strikes the greatest fear and washes the soul up onto the shores of reality.   Because outside of society their exist a more real world, which not many people dare face, with out the comforts of society many people could not live.



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