Out of the dark cold depths of the internet?!?!

Posted: 02/08/2011 in rants

Finally back and the year is 2011, crawling out from the rock I was living under….  2011 still sounding as futuristic as ever from the era I am a troll from.

A lot has changed in the world… along with the drastic and dramatic insane shit going on world wide, the internet has changed.  Hopefully people viewing this blog are here to face the darkness and unknowns of both, and apparently the internet is being used as a weapon of massive distraction when it was the information weapon that could of saved the world, now it is being use by both the govcorp to include the college industrial complex, enemy communist infiltrators, over the top socialist, all the way down to the common crooks, all of whome want to destroy america

I feel that the day draws very near where internet neutrality will be totally destroyed, and replaced with a fake internet that is being tested right now with the facebook, twitter, and never leaving the front page of AOL generation of scumtards that want nothing more than the communist take over of great U.S. territory known as the World Wide Web *United States of America owns the internet*.

Teen mobs are running loose in the streets gathering in mass mobs via twitter and other social media sites, engaging in complete violent crimes against humanity, murdering homeless people, business owners, destroying property, killing random people, mass looting and mugging of people on buses and trains.   I will carry on about that madness in a further blog, this shit has gone to far, people are to scared to go outside, so they just sit on netflix all day, or they are bitching about the price increase on the package deal *I THINK ITS STILL A GOOD DEAL!!!!*

A out of control drug war is taking hundreds of lives a day, not a peep out of the media about it?  What the hell, I guess I will post some news about our mexico neighbors shit getting wrecked on the border?  No one cares, a good example of the sociopath maniac society we are breeding, only thing mother fuckers on this side of the border care about are themselves, kids we are breeding today are complete monsters, in the likes I have never seen, even in 3rd world countries I been to, the mobs there just steal shit to survive, they did not go around killing homeless people and killing random people and steeling stuff from poor people for fun?  Its likes sociopaths are becoming common place in our culture, this is beyond petty crimes people committed to survive or make a quick buck, this is a new kind of criminal mind that has been bred by society, that does the shit for fun.  Nowadays its like 30 – 100 kids in mass mob armed with guns and knives attacking one person, killing them, and stealing everything in sight, COPS ARE NOT TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE, because they all unemployed right now trying to support families.  Also sport killings of homeless are up 1000%, these are not poverty level kids or lower class, these are middle class and upper class kids coming out of rich neighborhoods and menacing the streets of the urban life that was once deadly.   The streets have turned….

Just tell me what the hells happened to this culture?

Thinking back to when I grew up using the internet there was no youtube, no facebook, no nothing, you had to search for shit by hand with ancient web browsers like clusty/ yahoo.etc (the old one), and use Bulletin boards to find out about new sites.  If you were lucky you caught a radio station boasting about their webpage randomly, or maybe you switched the to sci-fi channel and they would have their forums and crazy ufo stuff on their website, man that site was amazing back in 1999.  We also had real discussions, and arguments.  There was no wikipedia, or youtube, you had to manually upload videos cuts and convert it to some shit like .wmv format and directly download that converted file format.   Back than any amount of old text or knowledge was something people chased down because stuff in digital format was considered a luxury back in those days, now everythings online, and no one reads anything, or cares about that knowledge?  Shit we’ve had a pretty drastic change in our internet culture!



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