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Phil wordpress! A shout out to a long time friend, whose work will not go unnoticed.

http://philsphil.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/anatomy-of-narcissism-v1-0-i-what-and-how/ This is the post Phil posted.

He’s a good person, with good blogs!   Well more then just that!  He’s put together a toolkit to spot those pesky narcissist that seem to be way more then the 2% these days, more like 60% from my experiences in my life so far.  With the rise of sociopaths and psychopaths as the norm, to many degrees we will need to be able to assert our minds and focus toward people who may be out to use us and abuse others, loved ones and random people like elderly and disabled.   The youth of today have been bred and maybe they were born *worse case* as an narcissist.  It’s time for the good hearted people out there to find out technical basis of these goons and thugs, and be able to avoid them and save others from their scams.

His blog covers many of the physical and sociological aspects of a narcissist… Its time to get reading if you have time, its a not to be over looked subject, this might be the best psychology based learning you will get in your life.  If not the only one that is no bullshit serious information.

* Definition of Narcissistic personality disorder

* Fatal and delusional self-absorption

* How they see people as objects

* Self-image

* The Shrine Metaphor

* Narcissism vs Sadism

* Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism

Teenagers and Narcissism, death of the innocent youth, thanks to predictive programming…


It was an emotional day in court for a Kansas City, Missouri man after coming face-to-face with the teen accused of killing his 21-year-old son.

Twenty-one-year-old Gary Lee Waloke was found shot to death, his body dumped in a trash can earlier this spring. His suspected killer, 15-year-old Romello Bolden, appeared in court on Monday a little too chipper for Waloke’s family’s liking.

“He’s in there smiling and laughing, thinking that this is fun and it’s not fun when you take someone else’s life,” said Barr Wayman, victim’s uncle.

To kick this off, this is not a lone Sadistic teen, this is now the norm almost, these kids are becoming violent killers and murderers, in groups and individually, hive mind is taking over.



This is just to name a few more in the group mentality category…. These kids are seriously getting worse and worse…

I will be back with another blog soon, we’ll see how things progress, I have way to much on my hands to really go in depth on this insanity…. for now i just leave you all with a lot of links ot more stories.







A Marine — on leave from Afghanistan — and his wife were attacked outside a Florida theater after the couple asked an unruly group of teenagers to quiet down during a film showing. After the manager kicked the teens out, the couple left frustrated. That’s when the teenagers jumped the man and his wife, even punching the woman in the face and knocking her out



http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=678090 Teens ‘sexually abused elderly patients’

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Back from another adventure, found some time to type up a another story, this will be a quick one.   It should make sense I am pretty tired right now 🙂 .

I bring you with utterly sad news (that only the vigilante could provide j/k), that society has lately (past couple decades badly, this decade is becoming the nightmare…) been breeding individuals from birth to run life like its a race to the death, get 1st place or die. Of course they wont tell you that, it would be foolish that you are running a race to your death with every pathetic step being toward your own demise with money or without!  You must really be digging your own grave and such other nonsense….

Some people seem to be shocked when they see that others are brought into this world as if life is just a struggle (or crawl) for survival in “other” society’s,  and if you don’t get 1st place or follow the rules of societies new death race, your going to be run off the road, and the rules will sometimes help in that effort to rid those who do not fit the current sociological norm which they seek to enforce in every single persons way of life.   Of course if you go off track you better go your own rout and escape this death race, because there will be people hunting you down for the very fact you deny society and the socialist ideologies it wants you to support in full, sometimes give your life for.

I know exactly what you are thinking, this is really nothing new, it has been happening for years, thousands, maybe a million.  But lets just say it has its up and downs, society and humanity was never always this intent on being so disconnected from their own nature, and nature itself they forgot who they are, of course its really now, who they never were…  The concept of lost potential in all these teens running wild in the current modern day streets in places where they really don’t have any real mentors or idea on how a good society would operate. Kids went from Street Racing, working blue collar jobs *not mcdonalds sorry* and brawling….  to mass looting and sport killings of homeless people, which grow more and more increasingly worse… because they have lost their humanity.   The race isn’t about really progressing technology, relationships, physical wellness, politics, or mental health, its really about catering to a bunch of sociopaths who will do anything to win and not do a whim of labor to get there.  Of course the whole race is just beating down your body, and taring your soul apart, but who cares, there is fake fiat money to be had!   Some groups that are rising from conception of the death race, and were tricked into it, and don’t know of any other way of life I will go over now.

You have a blend of college age spooks everywhere now who think that they can do some sort of good, and who are desperate to belong, to have attention.  That is for the New World Order of the me-me generation, whom only want some sort of good for themselves, and have attention to their non existent work.  Not the other way, they will laugh and have a blast if an individual who made countries like the United States great is getting the pulp beaten out of them by some mob.    This is just the mentality of bandits which usually form just before a society collapses or near collapse if its diverted,  these gangs and mob mentality will only continue to grow and destroy society every day until the day comes when the buildings are burning and highway men are finally back to their post and keeping roads dangerously safe.

You have the post college age nobodies, who really just did what they were told but never really did anything to nuts, some are really hard workers, but this seems to be the pattering out point of the age group, you will see almost no one under the age of 21 who is willing to make an honest living and be open minded in a healthy way.   But these folks will not do much labor work to fill the void of shortage in that market.

There are the demon spawn kids of the future trailing right behind these socialist hippies who are destroying our world right now, and are useful pawns of a greater evil which is and has been attempting to undermine humanity.  These people will kill your grandmother, laugh, than kill your dog to show they anit done having fun yet.  They have jumped generations in degrading culture in almost half a decade, they are winning the downfall race, that’s for sure.   This is our greatest threat, not one that must be defeated but its one that will plague the whole world for decades to come, if not destroy society itself, and divert us back to the natures path of correction, which is usually very unfavorable for us.

I am digressing, “what the hell are we supposed to even do mister vigilante, this all seems like society itself is out to come and kill us…”.   I always answer, you don’t have to let it corrupt your soul, body and mind.  I will cover the old America in the next paragraph its a good metaphor for how you should resonate your own being and soul… No new age  religious stuff here….

Of course American values are completely changed and confusing compared to if you looked back decades past…  It was really about being your own man and woman and making a name for yourself and your family, sure there could of been improvements to even back than, but its all about perspective, its not up to someone or some group to decide on how people need to operate within the confines of the constitution… As long as you allow freedom for others and stand by it, you will be fine.   That’s not always going to help in the end though, it’s up to people to resonate goodness where ever they go and help where they can, accept all challenges from negativity and face it with smartness and agility.  If your not quick enough, the forces of darkness will over whelm you and take your life or your soul…  voluntary,  or forcefully.   Everyone has their own skill set in life, that can be very useful, its not just one thing but its one you can fall into easily with the type of person you are, or energy to transmit to the world around you.  You have your fighters, craftsman, administrative, planners, thinkers, sometimes a combination of many things.   I am not to religious but a good quote is god only helps those whom help themselves, its not to be taken in a selfish way like the current generation of people, who are the most self-centered, selfish pieces of shit on the planet, who don’t even try to be devoid of empathy,  social context, or self awareness, don’t even think about them to try reason.

Of course people will think murder and destruction is only solution, sadly humanity cant do that.  Because you’ll lose your humanity if you do go that route and attempt that, only nature can cure individuals, forcefully, it strikes the greatest fear and washes the soul up onto the shores of reality.   Because outside of society their exist a more real world, which not many people dare face, with out the comforts of society many people could not live.

Seeing the system that these crazy kids are being brought up in so deluded and stagnant, starting  from the day they leave High School, they already don’t have any work ethics at all and have been programmed to think college is only way they will be able to get a job and get a pay check at all.   In fact we are intentionally killing the blue collar worker because of the forced mass push for college. They no longer promote degrees like engineering, they promote shitty useless skill sets that have no meaning in the real world but to work for some mega corporation,  and those who don’t like manual labor, which is everyone getting out of high school these days can barely even pass the shitty PT standards they already have to meet, and look at how crazy the fat ass meter for this nation has become.  Mind the gap, its not just this country. Europe is far worse…. We really need to teach kids better living and more positive methods, not spending their hard earned dollars on junk.   You know the good old heart and soul, getting them some drive to work hard and be happy?  That seems to be completely gone now.

More than two-thirds of Texas schoolchildren flunked the state’s physical fitness test this year, a troubling trend that doctors worry could get worse with the Legislature loosening the requirements for high school gym class.

No one out of High School wants to do a real job anymore, even though the pay checks of the blue collar worker sure as hell blows those fucking shitty Unamerican whimpy Office jobs out of the water.  The whole scam of the college degree going along with the few service jobs that existed may of been true in the 80’s and 90’s when there was real economy and real education systems that one would make a significant amount more money than a High School degree only graduate, but the numbers are actually at around 300,000 more in a life time.  This number is mostly drawn from the Engineering, Medical, IT and network engineers who actually require a technical knowledge to even do their jobs properly and safely, they make the average college grads salary go up, but the average college grad is really making 20 – 30k a year, not the 100k people boast about they will be making in high school or some crazy number.

We live in the 21st century now, and sad to say, the college degree is completely useless now when trying to have a stable life, unless you pay  for it in full before you graduate… and it seems to have just become a new way to keep people out of the system a extra four years, a extra four years of unemployment and no work skills at all unless they were actually working a part time or full time job like a real American, but hell in this day and age have fun getting a job with no experience, and shit why even bother when you can take a loan and pay for your entire time in, and like the scams say “you’ll make your money back after you graduate”.
Well how about if I told you the overall college debt is higher than our credit debt?  Don’t believe me, how about if i told you it was close a trillion dollars.

more and more students are going to still be repaying their own student loans when their children enroll in college. That may make those families less willing to borrow to pay for their children’s educations. It also means that they aren’t going to be as capable of saving for their children’s education or even for their own retirement.

Shit looks like education has destroyed the working man for good now….  Sadly there is more to having a skill/trade than just making money and having a life line in this world we live in now,  trade skills are good to have as to learn and love your work, you get more hands on and see your accomplishments more than having a low low low end white collar job.

Thinking back a bit Bachelors though in which mind you has become the new minimum, master degrees are beginning to replace the bachelors now from what I have been seeing, maybe its just another scam to jack people over for more money in their life time?  We could always get into more of the specifics of it all, with shitty online programs like University of Phoenix diploma mill like scams that have been spreading deluding the college industrial complex further than it has to itself already, all in the name of for profit education.  With the scary possibility of education cuts and failing economy, these for profit organizations may actually take over the older system that’s been changed but isn’t completely shit and corrupt yet.

The way it used to be?


A: They have destroyed our job system already, when they killed the blue collar worker of America, which in return is destroying our nations infrastructure in return sending our nation out of control into complete job market confusion, and as prices of goods in china increase every year the worse off this country is going to be with its insane outsourcing of factory jobs, and on our side of the shit barrel of fun, bridges collapsing and people dying from lack of skilled workers…

Back in the old America (2002 and prior), kids would before even getting out High School,  probably take up a trade skill or the less manly ones would work at a warehouse or a clerk at some store like some do today.   The ones who were apprentices would already be a 16 yr old some times 17 starting out working a full time job, learning a trade, going to school taking classes for that skill at the local college to get their needed certification credits.etc

So in the first year they make like 25k – 30k nothing big  sometimes less, sometimes more depending on the state you live in.  Any how they gain journeyman level and are making 50k or something to that, and this is three years down the road, well the kid who went to college is in 20 – 50k or more debt, in the negative, and if this kid working the real job was living at home, he probably already has 100k in actual cash?  I don’t see where learning a skill is bad thing.  I literally worked as a handy man, welder and carpenter but never was part of an apprentice program when i was a teenager, but I could of taken one up any time, but I was a lazy mother fucker, I liked my part time work, and full time video games, martial arts and freerunning days.

I saw some dreadful shit happening in 2007 – 2009, when I was still a teen there was huge manning problems in the manual labor job market.  They just couldn’t get people to fill these jobs that were needed to maintain the city or work on repairing things all throughout the downtown area, and into the more ghetto parts of town were even worse off.  Along with this shortage was a housing collapse and state had already cut a bunch of its programs funding trade schools and other things no one was sending there kids to learn, seemed like a massively lucrative job market, no one wanted because they all were thinking the were going to make 100k + a year with their office jobs working for govcorp or megacorp.

Saddest event I ever saw was not as dramatic as it sounds, but really horrifying on how low our younger generation has become.   My friend who was a successful private business owner and an Electrical Engineer was trying to tell me about some Lab in Orange County California, who was looking for someone to do cleaning type work,  you know dreaded manual labor, they tried their hardest to not hire an illegal, but they were putting out a 20 dollars an hour pay for 30 hours a week, and it wasn’t even a set schedule it was just after hours cleaning the hallways and labs and stuff.  No one wanted the job, no college kids, no High Schooler’s, not even unemployed people at the time wanted that job, so they ended up hiring an illegal immigrant.  I remember how people were feeling insulted that these guys were suggesting they do manual labor, they just felt to good to do that kind of work I guess, their egos being to big!!!


A: Not true at all, the states just don’t support them anymore,  and the corrupt education system doesn’t even lure young able bodies to them, advertising for these positions are almost non existent, all being maintained by really old guys who love to work  and love their jobs.  But the Unions have been mostly to blame for the collapse of the blue collar worker in the late 20th and 21st century…. Which I will I go into later, that’s a whole bag of shit bags who are undermining America.

I think the most serious loss here is people who know the trades and can do the work that’s needed to maintain this countries infrastructure, but the average age of the individuals doing this work is ridiculous, no younger generation is replacing them, they are all literally working beyond retirement when they did not have to, they don’t have Little Jon to come and replace his job at 27 -35 years old so he can go work a white collar job with the experience and education he has already obtained financially and having the experience.

We need to educate these kids growing up today on sustainable living, and saving money and investing into things like gold, silver and land if they can get some, not those crooks in wall street, leave that to people with money to waste.   We need to teach kids to not spend money on stupid shit, and maybe those smaller salaries will lead to higher standard of living, and more positive life styleJust throwing these kids into the grinder of the world outside their minds is not the way to do things, and thats exactly whats being done.   We need to get the hearts and souls of these youngsters in the right place before its to late, because if we don’t they will be the death of our nation, and maybe civilization as we know it.


The streets have been so deadly lately, its like no one can even walk down them safely anymore, and to be honest its not like people were accidentally repping the wrong T-shirt color, those days are long gone, like 1992 gone.   The gangs of the past used to have some sort of code of honor…. but the new ones?  I don’t think so.

The reasoning I am getting behind these new homegrown death marching murdering thug killas though is far beyond anything I have originally imagined when I started to realize the madness that was ensuing in the homeland.   An arsenal, hell an armada of new criminals types have been amassed, and are being trained and equipped by corruption itself,  all within our society via media, predictive programming, and other craziness  now!  Using terrorist network tools such as *FACEBOOK, TWITTER*.  The sociopath hive mind teenagers are one example I am hinting at here, of this new kind of criminal terrorist.

I was reading the news one day when I was chilling in one of those “run down” 3rd world countries everyone back state side always bragging about being super deadly, compares to nothing that has been brewing back home.  I noticed a deadly trend building back home, teen mobs and flash mobs that are destroying peoples lives, property, and the people themselves in most cases.  We can’t put up with this in this new economic troubles we are experiencing, the last thing you need is your business to get wrecked and worse case your employees or your manager get whacked by some psychopath murderer who was called via twitter to come help in an assault on your store or business, looted, nothing left, now your homeless, and you end up getting killed by another mob of sport killing maniacs, sounds like twilight zone or maybe a beat em game from the 90’s.

Some towns have taken it upon themselves, such as Old City….. to try and figure out how to deal with the problem, I am wondering when did neighborhood watches become illegal, or do they still exist?

A man who crossed paths with a group of teenagers Friday afternoon in Old City ended up in the hospital with broken teeth and a wired jaw after the youths attacked him at Fourth and Walnut Streets. Seven hours later, a crowd of young people cut a path of destruction through several Center City blocks, assaulting four other men, apparently at random, and leaving one unconscious and bleeding from the head. Of the four people arrested in those attacks, one is an 11-year-old boy.

The same mob struck once before…. This time they got a number of individuals involved..

A mob of unruly teens last night once again wreaked havoc on Center City, assaulting and robbing random pedestrians.

About 9:15 p.m., police began to receive 9-1-1 calls about a group of 20 to 40 teens assaulting people. Police found a man on the ground bleeding badly from the head at Walnut and Juniper streets. He was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Brian Mishico, who was working the door at Good Dog Bar and Restaurant on 15th Street near Locust, said a crowd of about 30 kids, some who looked as young as 12, split into two groups as they walked down 15th Street.

This all rings home to some mobs that were in older video game beat em up’s,   streets of rage for example
I mean our streets have not gotten that deadly yet, but it seems to have gotten to that point where its headed that direction.  I can post a million links all day of this shit happening, in almost every city.  But one thing I did notice is this phenomena seems to be only happening on the East Coast and some parts of the Midwest?   I am from the West Coast and I haven’t had any reports of this kind of craziness having gone down in my home city or any place else in states like California, or Oregon, Washington?

This isn’t a gender issue, a bunch of adrenaline junkie Mohawk equipped baddies, there has been dozens of articles i read in the past month of female mobs or females being a majority of the attackers.

Shawnee Twiet says she was in and out of consciousness when the attack happened.

“As soon as I hit the ground, I just started feeling just everything coming from everywhere,” Twiet said. “I mean blows coming from the back of my head. I felt somebody grabbing the back of my hair.”

I can go on for ages on this topic but its just getting more and more out of control.   Everyday I read the news some crazy shits going down involving some teen mob destroying some street or some business or killing homeless people.

I will have to do a part two on this craziness, once I have more time, this is just a glimpse into the madness of our cultures vultures.



Finally back and the year is 2011, crawling out from the rock I was living under….  2011 still sounding as futuristic as ever from the era I am a troll from.

A lot has changed in the world… along with the drastic and dramatic insane shit going on world wide, the internet has changed.  Hopefully people viewing this blog are here to face the darkness and unknowns of both, and apparently the internet is being used as a weapon of massive distraction when it was the information weapon that could of saved the world, now it is being use by both the govcorp to include the college industrial complex, enemy communist infiltrators, over the top socialist, all the way down to the common crooks, all of whome want to destroy america

I feel that the day draws very near where internet neutrality will be totally destroyed, and replaced with a fake internet that is being tested right now with the facebook, twitter, and never leaving the front page of AOL generation of scumtards that want nothing more than the communist take over of great U.S. territory known as the World Wide Web *United States of America owns the internet*.

Teen mobs are running loose in the streets gathering in mass mobs via twitter and other social media sites, engaging in complete violent crimes against humanity, murdering homeless people, business owners, destroying property, killing random people, mass looting and mugging of people on buses and trains.   I will carry on about that madness in a further blog, this shit has gone to far, people are to scared to go outside, so they just sit on netflix all day, or they are bitching about the price increase on the package deal *I THINK ITS STILL A GOOD DEAL!!!!*

A out of control drug war is taking hundreds of lives a day, not a peep out of the media about it?  What the hell, I guess I will post some news about our mexico neighbors shit getting wrecked on the border?  No one cares, a good example of the sociopath maniac society we are breeding, only thing mother fuckers on this side of the border care about are themselves, kids we are breeding today are complete monsters, in the likes I have never seen, even in 3rd world countries I been to, the mobs there just steal shit to survive, they did not go around killing homeless people and killing random people and steeling stuff from poor people for fun?  Its likes sociopaths are becoming common place in our culture, this is beyond petty crimes people committed to survive or make a quick buck, this is a new kind of criminal mind that has been bred by society, that does the shit for fun.  Nowadays its like 30 – 100 kids in mass mob armed with guns and knives attacking one person, killing them, and stealing everything in sight, COPS ARE NOT TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE, because they all unemployed right now trying to support families.  Also sport killings of homeless are up 1000%, these are not poverty level kids or lower class, these are middle class and upper class kids coming out of rich neighborhoods and menacing the streets of the urban life that was once deadly.   The streets have turned….

Just tell me what the hells happened to this culture?

Thinking back to when I grew up using the internet there was no youtube, no facebook, no nothing, you had to search for shit by hand with ancient web browsers like clusty/ yahoo.etc (the old one), and use Bulletin boards to find out about new sites.  If you were lucky you caught a radio station boasting about their webpage randomly, or maybe you switched the to sci-fi channel and they would have their forums and crazy ufo stuff on their website, man that site was amazing back in 1999.  We also had real discussions, and arguments.  There was no wikipedia, or youtube, you had to manually upload videos cuts and convert it to some shit like .wmv format and directly download that converted file format.   Back than any amount of old text or knowledge was something people chased down because stuff in digital format was considered a luxury back in those days, now everythings online, and no one reads anything, or cares about that knowledge?  Shit we’ve had a pretty drastic change in our internet culture!